Two major events occurred in 1992, Europe broke down trade barriers and we started our
company. Since then both of these things have changed and developed in their own way, in our
case, we went from a humble company just starting off to the leading company in this field of
business thanks to our determination, hard work, and our affection for the business.
Each day that went by since then, was spent optimizing the way we run our group tours
from Marrakech and creating new and compelling tours while focusing on one of the important
factors, and that creador being the budget. Here at Marrakech desert trip, cheap morocco desert tours we care, and instead of
just putting it in our headlines we took initiative and proved that we care. We teamed up with the
best, offering the best and of course, asking for the ‘best’ price. Touring doesn’t necessarily
have to cost you your six months savings, instead of wasting a fortune on a tour join our budget
desert tours from Marrakech and spend the time of your life with the lowest cost available. In
addition to our competitive prices, our company is fully licensed and had passed every
government test with flying colours!

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